behind the scenes
Located in the heart of rural Central Kansas, it is our number one priority to serve agriculturalists and small businesses by leveraging our services to enhance their marketing. When you work with us, we aren't here to complete a project and move on. We want to get to know you, to understand your business, your goals and what sets you apart so that we can serve you best. By taking the time to know your wants, likes and goals, we are able to craft a finished project that is as completely unique as you.


Emily Frantz

Owner, designer, strategist. Call me what you want, but helping rural businesses is my greatest passion. Being raised in a tight-knit small town, I believe in adding value to rural America the best way I know how, through marketing, design and encouraging fellow entrepreneurs.

My diplomas say I'm an expert in agricultural communications and public relations, but my real life experience goes beyond what can fit on paper. I have worked with countless businesses and organizations to strengthen their marketing and communications messages across nearly all platforms.

From ranchers to wedding venue owners, if your business is ready to move forward and reach a new audience, I am here to join you and meet your goals.